Reader Dryer Tips

Have Your Dryer Serviced

I would recommend having your dryer serviced for a complete tune-up periodically.

I accidentally had a sock drop down into the dryer vent opening when I was cleaning the trap (it’s on top). My husband had to take apart the back of the dryer to get to the sock and what he found was a HUGE mess of lint, dirt, sand, etc. Our gas dryer is older but we have always cleaned the lint trap faithfully. We have gone from 30+ minutes to dry a load of jeans to 15 minutes. — Courtesy of Jody

Tennis Balls

I also throw 2 or 3 tennis balls in my dryer to help them dry faster. The ball keeps the clothes separated so they dry faster. — Courtesy of Dede

Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets can be cut in half and used and will still leave them fresh and without static cling. You get double the value of your money when you do this. — Courtesy of Karen

Once you finished using your dryer sheets, don’t throw them away. They work perfectly on the heads of your quick wipe swifter mops. You can save a lot of money not having to buy the regular ones that go with them. — Courtesy of Dorthy

Dryer Lint

The lint collected from the dryer is HIGHLY flammable – if you have a fireplace, you can use this to your advantage. If you use those dryer sheets, tie the lint into one of the used sheets – makes great fire-starter. You can also put some into a 3 oz dixi cup add a little wax and even better fire-starter. — Courtesy of Rodger