Dryer Check Tips

There are several places where you can reduce the costs of running you dryer. One of the easiest is to perform simple checks on your dryer to makes sure that it’s running as efficiently as possible. Here are the basic dryer checks that you can make:

  • Clear lint from the lint tray before you use the dryer each time. Proper air flow will cut down the drying time, as well as wear and tear on the dryer and your clothes.
  • Periodically check your outside dryer vent for lint clogs. Obstructed air flow will make your dryer work harder and shorten the life of the dryer.
  • Be sure to use the the proper dryer setting. Many dryers have a delicate / permanent press cycle to protect fabrics which might be damaged by high temperatures. This setting also uses less energy for these lighter clothes that don’t need the full dryer heat.